Hearing & Communication Technology is a privately owned business in the Boise, Idaho area. Hearing & Communication Technology and it’s website, AudiologyShop.com, are owned and operated by Jay Richman, a practicing Audiologist that also has formal training in electronics. 

In addition to providing a variety of traditional Audiology services, we specialize in sales and service of hearing related electronic equipment. We provide state of the art hearing aids and FM systems for the consumer with hearing loss, and hearing test equipment and related services for a variety of Professionals that provide hearing related services. We specialize in providing products and services for Schools, locally and across the nation.

Areas of Audiology that we specialize in are Educational and Pediatric Audiology, Pediatric and Adult Hearing Aid Fittings, and Hearing Conservation Services for Industries. Services you obtain from Hearing & Communication Technology will be performed by some of the best and most experienced Audiologists in our area.