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Smart Diagnostic Devices Smart Tone Automatic Audiometer
This web page contains prices and information on the Smart Tone Automatic Audiometer by Smart Diagnostic Devices. The Smart Tone Audiometer is a great new low cost automatic audiometer for OSHA, and MSHA hearing conservation programs and many other hearing test applications such as performing hearing tests for DOT requirements. This audiometer is very easy to use because modern touch screen technology provides simple intuitive operation. The Smart Tone Audiometer is loaded with practical features like being able to store 300 hearing tests internally, and easy connection to a computer via USB. 
The Smart Tone Automatic Audiometer was designed to be used with the optional D-Check Bio-Acoustic Simulator which provides a means to perform quick and reliable daily calibration checks to meet OSHA, MSHA and DOT hearing conservation program requirements. 
The new Smart Tone Automatic Audiometer costs: $2019.00