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Phonak Roger Design Integrated FM (DM) Receivers
Phonak Design Integrated Receivers are miniature FM (technically DM) receivers that are made to attach directly to Specific Phonak hearing aids and Cochlear implants without the use of a Direct Audio Input (DAI Boot). The design integrated receivers work with a variety of Phonak FM transmitters and come in two specific models made for Pediatric use (ages 0 to 18 years) and for adult use (ages 18+). The Pediatric models are not compatible with adult models so care needs to be taken when ordering Phonak Roger systems. The Phonak Roger Price List below contains prices for Pediatric and Adult models of the Phonak Roger systems. There is not information on Roger Receivers for Cochlear Implants on this webpage, but the Phonak Roger Price List below does have prices and part numbers for Phonak Roger Receivers for Cochlear Implants.

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