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Oticon Amigo Personal FM Systems
The Oticon Amigo FM systems have provided a quality low cost solution to people's needs for FM systems for years, but unfortunately Oticon decided to quit producing FM systems so they are no longer available. We can still provide some basic parts for the systems like Microphones, Batteries, and some other parts.

The following table provides educational quality alternatives to the Oticon Amigo FM systems that are no longer available.
Oticon FM System Model                 Replacement Brand\Model (Click the link to find info)            
Oticon Amigo T5/R5 System ComTek AT-216 body worn personal FM system
Oticon Amigo STAR FM receiver Phonak Roger Focus II FM Receiver
Oticon Amigo T30 FM transmitter Phonak Roger TouchScreen Mic
Otico Amigo R II FM receivers Phonak Roger X FM Receivers
Oticon Amigo Design Integrated Receivers Phonak Roger Design Integrated FM Receivers
Oticon Amigo ARC FM receiver Phonak Roger Neckloop FM Receiver