Hearing & Communication Technology
We Provide Hearing Related Products & Services for Education, Industry, and Individuals
Hearing Aids
Hearing and Communication Technology provides a means to obtain the highest quality hearing aids and Audiology services for children and adults at significantly reduced prices. We provide individualized service and take the time to make sure everything is done correctly. 
If you choose us to provide your hearing aid services there are a number of things you can count on. The following list tries to convey the quality of services we provide for our customers. 
The Audiologist that will provide services for you has a Doctorate in Audiology, a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics, has practiced locally for 29 years, and is proud of the reputation as a quality service provider that he has developed. 
All hearing aid services we provide will be performed by an Audiologist with Idaho and Oregon State Audiology Licensure, American Speech/Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certification, and years of experience fitting hearing aids. 
All hearing aids will be fit on a 30 day trial basis with the exception of some insurance plans that require a 60 day trial period. 
We specialize in providing the newest technology available in hearing aids, and wireless accessories. We continuosly receive training on fitting new digital hearing aids as they are developed. 
We can help reduce the financial burden associated with hearing aids. With low overhead and advertising costs, we can afford to sell hearing aids for much less than anyone else in our area does. We provide the highest quality hearing aids available for significantly less than the other Audiologists and hearing aid dealers in Idaho, and we spend more time initially fitting and fine tuning the hearing aids to maximize hearing benefit and to reduce potential follow-up visits that can often be avoided by spending a little extra time during the initial fitting process. 
We can provide almost any brand/type of hearing aid, but prefer to work with the major name brands such as Resound, Phonak, Oticon, and a few others. 
We will provide the warranty and after warranty service on all hearing aids that we sell. Most of the hearing aids we fit come standard with a three year repair warranty and a three year loss and damage warranty. Warranty and after warranty service on the major brand name hearing aids we prefer to sell can be obtained in most parts of the world. 
We have state of the art hearing test, and hearing aid fitting equipment which is all portable. All hearing aids will be fit with real ear measurment which provides a reliable means of adjusting a hearing aid to provide the most appropriate amplification for each individuals specific hearing loss. 
Please contact us for a price quote on a specific hearing aid, or with any questions regarding hearing aids and Audiology in general that you may have. 

Thank You,
Brent Bowman, Au.D., CCC-A, Audiologist