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FrontRow ToGo Soundfield FM System
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This page contains detailed information on the FrontRow ToGo Soundfield FM system. The FrontRow ToGo system provides a flexible solution to fill a variety of FM system needs for special education and regular classroom use. The FrontRow ToGo system provides the best signal to noise ratio out of all the soundfield systems available which equates to better hearing for students so it is often recommended for use with students that have hearing and auditory processing disorders. The FrontRow ToGo systems provides excellent amplification for the entire classroom, and it makes it much easier on the teacher's voice, so everyone benefits from use of a FrontRow ToGo system in the classroom.  

The FrontRow ToGo system can be easily picked up and moved from classroom to classroom as needed and it contains an internal rechargeable battery that allows the system to be used anywhere indoors or out because you don't have to plug it into ac power. The system comes with all of the necessary hardware for portable use or permanent wall mounted installation.