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ComTek AT-216 Personal FM System
ComTek FM systems are high quality equipment that is made here in the U.S.A. The ComTek AT-216 Personal FM system is the most versatile FM system available today because it can be used in a variety of configurations that will provide an appropriate personal FM system for any type of hearing disorder ranging from a simple stand alone FM system with headphones for use with mild hearing loss and auditory processing disorders, to systems with environmental microphones for use in conjunction with hearing aids and cochlear implants for students with greater degrees of hearing loss. 
The Smart-Mic option from ComTek is an innovative environmental microphone system that helps solve the ever present dilemma of using environmental microphones in the classroom. Environmental microphones on FM systems and hearing aids are desirable because they allow the hearing impaired student to hear other students in the classroom in addition to the teacher's voice, and the environmental mic also helps the student to monitor their own voice, but the environmental mic is detrimental to the student's ability to hear teachers when they are talking because it adds any environmental background noise that is around the student to the teacher's voice which degrades the signal to noise ratio for the student and partially defeats the purpose of the FM system. The ComTek Smart-Mic option turns the environmental microphone on the student's FM receiver off when the teacher talks so that the student hears only the teacher's voice which significantly improve the signal to noise ratio for the student. The Smart-Mic on the student's FM receiver turns back on when the teacher quits talking so that the student is again able to hear themselves and the other students around them in the classroom.