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Amplivox Otowave 102-C Tympanometer With Charging & Data Transfer Cradle 

The new Amplivox Otowave 102-C tympanometer is a new version of the time tested Otowave 102 series tympanometers. The Amplivox 102-C comes with a convenient charging cradle that gives the instrument rechargeable capability and the charging cradle also provides USB connectivity for easy data transfer to a computer. The new Amplivox 102-C has the capability to perform 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz ipsilateral acoustic reflex testing. This is a great tympanometer for School Hearing Screening programs, Audiology Offices, Pediatrician's Offices, and anyone that needs a high quality low-cost tympanometer. Please Contact Us with any questions regarding the new Amplivox Otowave 102-C Tympanometer.